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1974 Moss Court
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9L3


Rustic Chalk Decor creates , hand paints and sell's unique pieces of art on wood boards. Rustic Chalk Decor also offers wood sign painting workshops that are available in Kelowna and other towns in Okanagan. 

Private Workshop in the Studio

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DIY projects at the Rustic Chalk Decor Studio in Kelowna BC.



  • We offer private group workshops for groups of 7-18* people, the max group size will depend on the project you choose!

  • Choose ONE from the variety of projects

  • Everyone gets to choose one design for their project from the Design Catalogue, there are over 150 designs to choose from.

  • You will have the opportunity to customize your sign with Fusion Mineral Paint colours of your choice. 

  • Pick one of the dates and time that works for you and your group (usually we start at 6:30pm) and we will do our best to make it work! If it doesn’t work for us, we can agree on a different date! (usually Tuesdays and Thursday evening is not available)

  • Once we agree on a date and time a link will be created on the website where your guests can sign up for the workshop and see the designs choices!

  • Everyone should sign up at least a 5 days before the workshop!

  • If you wish, you and your guests can bring NON alcoholic refreshments and some appies to share!

  • You will receive a Gift Card as a thank you for organizing the event!

 More detailed information will be sent to you once you book the even! Please contact Lasma if you have any questions 778.214.3619.

Name *
Phone number
Phone number
Desired date for the workshop
Desired date for the workshop
Desired start time for the workshop
Desired start time for the workshop
Please let us know approx what time would you like to start the workshop. Usually we start 6:30pm.
Location *
If You would like to book a "home workshop", please let us know the address where the workshop will be held
We will get back to you as soon as possible, but if you have any questions, feel free to give Lasma a call 778.214.3619


Do I have to be crafty?

You don’t have to be crafty as these workshops are made easy! No free handing! Our instructor will guide you through the process with easy step by step instructions in creating a project that you will be proud to showcase in your home and say “I made it!“

What is the cost?

There are different prices for different projects. Please see “Rustic Chalk Decor price list“ for detailed pricing information.

Can we bring food and beverages? 

Please feel free to bring a non alcoholic beverages and food with you to the workshop! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the studio! We also offer home workshops where you are welcome to have alcoholic beverages as well. Find out more about our home workshops here: Home Workshops.

What happens if I signed up for the workshop, but can’t attend?

Due to the custom nature of our business, registration fees are non-refundable.  If you cannot attend the workshop and give us 72 hour notice you will be able to attend the same workshop and complete the same project within 90 days. We are unable to grant a class credit for cancellations made less than 72 hours or no-shows. OR your friends can make it for you at the workshop.

Can i order a custom design for my sign?

For sure, you can order a custom design for a service fee of $38+gst. in addition to the workshop price. Please email us the information at at least a 5 days before the workshop to allow for production of the template.

What is the value of the Thank You “Gift Card“ for hosting the workshop?

The Gift Card value is depends on how many people are attending the workshop. If you have 7 people, including you, the GC value will be 50% of the least expensive project made at the workshop. For each additional person you will receive another 10%. Once you have 11 guests, the GC value will be 100% of the least expensive project made at the workshop!

Have you got an occasion to celebrate?

Rustic Chalk Decor  offer workshop in the DIY Studio as well as at your homes or business locations anywhere in the Okanagan! The events are great for girls night out, corporate events, birthday parties (adult and youth), bachelorette parties, team building and appreciation events, sports team outings and more!