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1974 Moss Court
Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9L3


Rustic Chalk Decor creates , hand paints and sell's unique pieces of art on wood boards. Rustic Chalk Decor also offers wood sign painting workshops that are available in Kelowna and other towns in Okanagan. 

Our Team

The story of Rustic Chalk Decor all started with an idea. First, I began by selling handmade chalkboards in farmers’ markets. After receiving lots of questions like “How did you make it?" I decided to teach people how to make their own. Thanks to client support and interest, Rustic Chalk Decor now offers many different DIY events such as wood sign, canvas wall hanging and pillowcase painting workshops. Rustic Chalk Decor also offers ‘made to order’ signs. 

Rustic Chalk Decor hosts regular workshops in the DIY studio in Kelowna, but also offers private group events in the comfort of your home in Kelowna, and other communities throughout the Okanagan valley. These workshops give you an opportunity to escape your daily routine and enjoy a fun evening out with your girlfriends, quality time with your daughter, build relationships with your coworkers or an opportunity to actually finish that one "Pinterest" project! What brings us joy is to see your excitement and disbelief when the sign is finished. People’s comments are often, “I can’t believe I made this!’’ & “ I didn't think it was going to look THIS GOOD!” 

For those who are not able to attend a workshop or would like to have a sign made for them, you may message us, and all of the signs can be customized to your liking. If you have a meaningful quote or verse, you can send us your custom design request.


Hi, my name is Lasma Skramstada. I am the founder of Rustic Chalk Decor that creates and hand paints unique pieces of art on wooden boards. I was born and raised in a small country in Eastern Europe, called Latvia. The story of how I moved to Canada is a long one, but a  pretty romantic one too. I won't take the time to write about it here, but if you ask, I would be happy to share it! I am a wife and a mom of three beautiful boys and we moved to Canada in 2012.  I have been organizing and leading the wooden sign painting workshops since 2014! Since then our team has grown and other wonderful women have joined the Rustic Chalk Decor family. 


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